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Homeowners' Association:
In addition to this Newsletter, the Board maintains the Click here Malvern Web Site where you can find reports of meetings, the latest "Malvern Communicator," policies, forms, and a wealth of other information about our community. And, please, come to the monthly Board meetings to learn more about the latest of what's going on!

Monthly Board Meeting Schedule
Date:Second Thursday of Each Month
Time:7:00 pm
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Spring 2016 Membership Meeting
Date:Saturday, April 30, 2016
Location:Madison Presbyterian Church
:9:30 - 10:00 am
Meeting:10:00 - 11:30 am
Agenda:• Committee reports
• Elections
• Other business of the Association
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Proxies Please! If you cannot attend the April 30th meeting, please give your proxy form to a member that will be attending. Thanks!

President's Bulletin Board:  
Pin It's been an interesting and exhausting four years and I'm looking forward to others taking the reins. There will always be problems, controversies and successes and I wish the new Board luck!
PinDon't forget to come to the April membership meeting and vote. It will be at the Presbyterian church again since the Clubhouse is being used that weekend.

      Click here Click here to find the latest minutes from the monthly Board meetings.

Treasurer: Being the Treasurer 
I've been on the Board more than 8 of the last 9 years and served as Treasurer for many of those years. My time on the Board comes to an end after the April meeting. Being the treasurer is not a particularly hard job. Minimum requirements are simple: basic math of addition and subtraction. It's also helpful to have some computer skills. The job entails sending dues notices, recording payments, making deposits, paying bills, budgeting, monthly bank reconciliation, and providing periodic financial reports. Most of the tasks mirror what you do with your own finances. The financial reporting is mostly generated automatically on the computer. Usually some time each month is necessary but as you can see, the individual tasks are not particularly difficult and the reward is you are helping the community by not having to hire someone to perform these services.

Architectural Committee: Applications 
The Architecture board has received only one application recently and that was for lot clearing. All plans for building homes, adding outbuildings, decks, patios, etc should be provided to the Board for Architecture Committee for review in order to make a recommendation to the board for approval IAW our covenants and bylaws. Building permits are no longer required by the association but are required by the county according to county laws. Everyone needs to ensure that all building done meets county requirements. If notified of building being done without the requisite permit (if needed) the county can enforce removal of structures as well as levying fines.

Grounds & Lake Committee: Easements & Geese 
Once again, I would like to remind all property owners that clearing the road easements is an ongoing process and every effort that you make to keep them cut back reduces our need to spend dues money to clear them. Tree branches should be cut back to preserve sight lines for traffic and leave a path for pedestrians. Bushes such as Autumn Olive, which is a non-native invasive species, are especially troublesome and should be removed and the roots killed to prevent regrowth. Brush killer "painted" on the cut ends does a fine job of preventing regrowth. Often among the first plants to green up in the spring, they are easily identified by their bright green leaves with a silvery back. I've included a picture below to aid identification.

Autumn Olive

Jerry Monnat and Rick Collins are POCs for the addling of Goose eggs this Spring. The majority of opinions say most if not all of the nests are on the island. The plan to accomplish the first round of finding nests and addling eggs will be discussed at the April monthly meeting. Volunteers with either boats to provide access or individuals who will participate in this endeavor are encouraged to contact one of the POCs

Roads Committee: Repairs & Inspections  
The paving on Surrey Court is being inspected by Roger Robertson this week, and repairs should be done soon at no expense to Malvern. Thanks to the residents on Surrey for their patience.

My annual inspection of Malvern roads will be conducted in May or June of this year. Trees are starting to bud & grow, and I want to remind everyone that they are responsible for pruning back branches that extend past the edge of our roadways. This is a safety issue regarding large vehicle clearance, and maintaining safe, full lane widths.

Firewise Committee: NFPA Newsletter 
Malvern is subscribed to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Wildland Fire Newsletter. Click here Click Here to view the current and past issues.

Adopt-A-Highway: 634 Clean-up Teams are Champs!
I give high praise to the six teams who go out onto Route 634 and clean up the Litter Louts trash. The roadside was dirtier than usual and they went at it and turned it around. Wish we could figure out how to train the "trash droppers" to "clean up their act!!!"


If you'd like to join the Team, please call Ann Ferguson at 948-5365.

Malvern News Publication Schedule:
The Newsletter will be sent every two months (on even months) or Ad-Hoc when needed. Committee Chairs must submit their input at least two days in advance of publication.

If you have any questions about this Newsletter or any of the Community activities please visit our Click here Contacts Page.

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