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Hello Malvern News Subscribers,
This Newsletter is brought to you by the Click here Malvern Board of Directors. Thank you for subscribing and please inform your Malvern neighbors of this news service.

Homeowners' Association:
In addition to this Newsletter, the Board maintains the Click here Malvern Web Site where you can find reports of meetings, the latest "Malvern Communicator," policies, forms, and a wealth of other information about our community. And, please, come to the monthly Board meetings to learn more about the latest of what's going on!

Next Monthly Board Meeting
Date:Thursday, April 9, 2015
Time:7:00 pm
Agenda:View View/Print Agenda

Spring 2015 Membership Meeting
Date:Saturday, April 25, 2015
:9:30 - 10:00 am
Meeting:10:00 - 11:30 am
Agenda:• Committee reports
• Elections
• Other business of the Association
Proxy:View View/Print Proxy

Proxies Please! If you cannot attend the April 25th meeting, please give your proxy form to a member that will be attending. Thanks!

President's Bulletin Board:
PinI hope you are all looking forward to our annual meeting on April 25! I'm hoping for a big turnout but know that sometimes Saturday is a busy day for people so if you can't make the Meeting please give your Proxy to someone who is going. We can't conduct business without a quorum of 50--either seated members or Member Proxies.
PinThere are 3 seats up for re-election/election. Rick Collins, TJ Wright and Jason Woodward. Jason will not be running but both of the others are. In addition we have two people willing to step up and run for a position. They are Karen Pilkerton and Bill Rowe. So we will have an opportunity to vote for one or the other. Thanks to both of you!
PinI know you're all happy that spring is finally here! But that means traffic issues increase. I witnessed a gold colored Chevy truck (older model) with Farm plates speeding up and down Malvern Drive in front of my house this week. They seemed to be "testing" acceleration and braking capacity, making three U turns just to make sure! I can't wait for Speed Humps to go in! Some may not like them but they will slow traffic down and discourage this type of entertainment.
PinEnjoy the daffodils!

Secretary-Treasurer: Annual Membership Meeting 
Malvern News readers get an additional bonus this month! They get to see the latest edition of the Malvern Communicator before its even sent to the printer. Yep, that's right - you're seeing it about 2 weeks before it'll arrive in the mail. The April edition includes short biographies of Malvern residents who are willing to serve as Board members, if elected by you and your fellow Malvern residents. There currently are 4 candidates running for 3 open positions. Also included are Board and committee reports, the 2014 financial summary (how your money was spent), and a proxy form you can use if you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting on April 25th at 10:00 am at the Malvern Clubhouse. Click here Click here for your bonus.

Note: Click here Click here to find the latest minutes from the monthly Board meetings.

Architectural Committee: 2015 Building Season 
The 2015 building season is finally upon us after a long winter. Please review the Click here rules and covenants before submitting building request packages for new homes or outbuildings, additions to structures already in place, or fences, etc. If the initial package is complete the process normally goes quickly and smoothly. Any building which requires the use of heavy equipment on our roads requires road fees from both the resident and the contractor doing the work. Final approval is required from the Board of Directors after the Architecture committee submits their recommendation. This comes at a monthly meeting. Any discrepancy can result in up to a 30-day delay. Please ensure compliance and completeness to ensure timely approval.

Grounds & Lake Committee: Bulletin Board Usage 
As spring unfolds, we all find items that we would like to clean out. The bulletin board then begins to fill up with notices of things for sale. Please be aware that Malvern has a policy regarding the use of its bulletin boards. The intent is to make it fair for every member. Notices must be posted by members on paper that is no larger than standard letter size (8 1/2 x 11 inches). Posting is limited to two weeks and the lot number and date of initial posting must be clearly printed on the notice. Items may be reposted, until the date of the event, if necessary. Following these rules will keep the bulletin boards uncluttered and make them available to all members. A formal copy of the rules is posted above the bulletin boards.

Firewise Committee: Chipper Day 
On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, a large chipper and crew will be in Malvern to complete phase two of the 2014 Firewise Program in our community. If you participated in the first phase of the program in July contact the Program Coordinator only if you do not want to participate again. If you did not participate in July and would like to in April; please contact the Program Coordinator as soon as possible.

This is a great time to work in wooded areas to gather fallen branches, large sticks and small fallen trees. Remember to stack debris by April 21 within 10 feet of the road with the cut edge facing the road. Be sure to enter the hours worked on your Firewise log. For detailed information and logs please refer to our Click here Firewise page, email the email Program Coordinator, or call 948-3230.

Thank you for your participation in the Firewise Program.

Note: Malvern is subscribed to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Wildland Fire Newsletter. Click here Click Here to view the March 2015 issue.

Malvern News Publication Schedule:
The Newsletter will be sent monthly, usually the first Thursday, and Ad-Hoc when needed. Committee Chairs must submit their input at least two days in advance.

If you have any questions about this Newsletter or any of the Community activities please visit our Click here Contacts Page.

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