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Proxy Form

Proxy Form

Filling out a proxy:

  1. Open and print the proxy form by clicking the link highlighted in blue shown above
  2. Fill in your name, lot number(s) and your appointee
  3. Sign and date the form
  4. The form is a fillable PDF document. This means that those with the software and knowledge may type their information into the separate form fields. Most members however will probably find steps 1 - 3 above easier to perform.
  5. Deliver the proxy to your appointee via one of these methods:
    • Hand delivery to the member you designate
    • Place it in the dropbox attached to the Activity Center door at the Clubhouse complex
    • Mail to Malvern Club, Inc., 905 Malvern Drive, Madison, VA 22727
    • Scan and email to malvern-proxy@malvernofmadison.org

Your mobile device or tablet may have a built-in application (App) to scan and forward your completed form. The built-in Notes App on an iPhone allows scanning for instance. There are other Apps that also allow scanning and forwarding: Dropbox, OneDrive, Adobe Reader to name a few free Apps that have been tested. Be aware that some Apps will require a free account to be established.

Malvern's Bylaws allow for proxy voting. Proxy voting allows you to exercise your right to direct the operation of the community when you cannot or do not wish to attend a scheduled membership meeting. Such things as voting to approve the annual budget, improvements to Malvern's common amenities, electing directors, and other items require membership direction and approval. You are entitled to one vote for each lot you own. Note that your proxy will be used to satisfy QUORUM requirements of 50 lots represented either in person or by proxy. Your proxy may also be used on majority votes and on votes requiring a two-thirds vote of members voting either in person or by proxy. You may appoint a member in good-standing or the Board of Directors to represent you. You are instructing the appointee to vote your wishes or to vote in the same manner as the appointee.