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Homeowners' Association:
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Next Monthly Board Meeting
Date:Thursday, November 13, 2014
Time:7:00 pm
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President's Bulletin Board:
Pin It's been a quiet month for the most part.
Pin The court date for the Malvern sign vandals is Nov 21 starting at 10:00AM. I'll be there as the Malvern representative.
Pin I hope everyone has seen the road repairs that have been done. It makes a big difference to the roads now and in the future. The crew was terrific and I haven't heard of any problems! All around a success!
Pin Work on the Clubhouse patio is proceeding slowly but Meadows Farm has agreed to remove the cement caulking they installed last Year and replace it with polymer sand. Since the pavers are on bare soil the freeze/thaw cycle causes lifting and cracking of cement. The polymer sand should work better!
Pin I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Secretary-Treasurer: Approved 2015 Budget
The proposed 2015 budget was discussed and approved at the annual membership meeting held on October 18th. This includes raising annual dues beginning in 2015 from $525 to $550 per lot, the capital improvements schedule for 2015 as well as the operating portion of the budget. The newly approved budget along the 5-year plan and other cost breakdowns can be found by Click here Clicking Here.

Click here Click here to find the latest minutes from the monthly Board meetings.

Architectural Committee: Address Signs
There is a State, County and Malvern requirement to have a sign in all residential yards showing the street address. This is a 911 requirement in order for emergency service vehicles to easily find the address. Metal signs with street numbers have been passed out to almost all homeowners. If you already have a nice, legible sign which is easy to see from the road that will suffice. A survey is being done this fall to document all signs, as well as those residence which do not have a sign or has one that is not easy to either see or read. A lot sign can be in the yard also but should have "lot" on the sign distinguishing is from a street address. Please address any questions to Jerry Monnat at email monnat@att.com or call 703-217-9031, or contact any another board member. Please let me know if you have not received a green metal sign and we will provide it.

Clubhouse & Pool Committee: Help Wanted
Someone to do the clean-up and restocking of paper products at the clubhouse after rentals; should only take 1-2 hours to do the job. Occasionally there are back-to-back rentals; then you have limited time (between 10 a.m. and noon) to do the cleaning. Pay is $13 per hour. Must be dependable. Questions call Joe Graham at 948-7060.

Grounds & Lake Committee: Easement
The final common ground mowing and bush hogging of the dam and clubhouse area has been completed by our contractor Meadow Spring Landscaping. They will resume mowing next spring. I would like to remind all property owners that clearing the road easements is an ongoing process and every effort that you make to keep them cut back reduces our need to spend dues money to clear them. Bushes such as Autumn Olive, which is a non-native invasive species, are especially troublesome and should be removed and the roots killed to prevent regrowth. They are easily identified by their bright green leaves with a silvery back. I've included pictures below to aid identification. clear line
Note the silvery backside of the leaf
Berries are present in the Fall
The North dock has a new gravel area constructed for Fire Co. pumping equipment to use when accessing the dry hydrant. This is not a parking area and is still under construction. Courtesy of a FireWise grant, the dry hydrant will be moved to make way for easier Fire Co. Water Tanker access and a better boat ramp.

Roads Committee: Road Repair & Plowing
Road repairs are progressing slowly due to wet and colder weather, however they should be complete with a few days. Thanks to all residents for their patience during this construction.

Snow removal bids are (slowly) being received. I have set Oct. 31 as the final day we will accept bids. To date we have 3 firms who have submitted proposals, and 2 firms indicating they intend to.

If you are interested in adding your name to a list of property owners who would like to have their Paved driveways plowed in conjunction with the road plowing, please drop me an e-mail at email tjwright@relee.net and I'll add you to the list. If the contractor who handled the plowing last year is successful this year, the cost will be the same, ($25.00) per lot, which is very reasonable.

A reminder to all, that keeping the easement area adjacent your property cleared of trees and brush is your responsibility. If the community has to do this work, it just increases the burden on our budget. Several thousand dollars is currently allocated for this work, which is unfortunate.

Have a safe winter.

Community Events:

Malvern Events Planning Meeting
Date:Sunday, November 16
Time:2:00 pm

Malvern News Publication Schedule:
The Newsletter will be sent monthly, usually the first Thursday, and Ad-Hoc when needed. Committee Chairs must submit their input at least two days in advance.

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