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Malvern Road Paving Schedule
The 2020 planned paving will be performed by S. L. Williamson Paving, starting April 16th and continuing through the following week. The plan is the one outlined in the Reserve Study and included in the 2020 budget, as approved by the membership at the Fall Membership Meeting last October. The contractor will first do the prep work (cutting at driveways, milling, etc.) starting April 16, 2020. If the weather stays good they plan on beginning the actual paving on Monday, April 20th.

If the good weather holds, the paving project should take about 4 days to complete. They will begin at the back of the development and work their way to the entrance. The roads involved will be Malvern Drive to Covered Bridge, Covered Bridge to Aroda, and Liberty in the direction of Surrey Court. We hope to be able to do all of Liberty this year.

Be prepared for increased truck traffic; watch for the flagman; and expect short delays at points of actual work.

Newsletter Published: April 16, 2020

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